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Presidential Candidates and Gas Prices

It is 2008, and we have a Presidential Election coming up! It is an exciting time, and we all need to do our homework and decide who we want to vote for. Do you know what the biggest issue on American’s minds lately is? No, it is not the War. It is gas prices and energy. Oil has fallen lately, but it is still high. It seems like the need for energy is higher then ever. How do the candidates feel about gas prices and energy? This is an important issue that needs to be called to our attention. Let’s take some time and go through both Senator’s feelings on this. We must not go into our polling place and vote for a candidate blindly.

John McCain on Gas Prices

Early in the summer Senator McCain supported a (since failed) effort to promote a summer gas tax holiday. McCain says this would have given consumers a break at the pump. He believes that we need to break our foreign energy dependence by exploring domestic oil production. Senator McCain has also said he will reward those who come up with a commercial development of a fully electric automobile. Senator McCain says that in order to reduce dependency on oil and gas prices we must reform on transportation system. He also believes that drilling sooner rather then later will have an effect on the prices of gas. Senator McCain is also fighting for the advancement of nuclear power to fight off the need for oil.

Barack Obama on Gas Prices

Senator Obama was not in favor of the summer gas tax holiday saying that it was just a political ploy. Senator Obama has said in the past that he was open to talking about domestic drilling, but more recently has said that he does not believe that drilling now will help lower gas prices. Obama wants to put one million hybrid cars out on the roads by 2015. This will lower the national need for gasoline. He also wants to make sure that 10% of the energy we use will come from renewable sources. Senator Obama believes that tapping our oil reserves will help cut down on the cost of gas for drivers. Obama has also recently come out and said that if drivers inflate their tires then “we could save all the oil that they’re talking about getting off drilling.” Senator Obama wants to make the U.S. a leader in the world spectrum of climate change.

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