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Save Money at the Grocery Store

Over the past several years, we’ve had to deal with the hard reality of ever rising gas prices, but there’s another important product on the rise - food. Sure everything seems to slightly increase in price over time, but we’re talking about major price increases over a short period of time on something that truly affects everyone. Dairy products and bread that could be had for a buck a piece just two years ago have nearly tripled in price. While the growing prices are already affecting many of our budgets, things could really get out of hand in a couple years. In order to prepare yourself for a trend that may only get worse, follow these tips to save money at the grocery store:

How to Save Money at the Grocery Store

  • Shop for ingredients and necessities first, and then figure out how much you have left to spend. This means get items like milk, chicken, and vegetables first rather than getting chips, frozen pizza, and ice cream.
  • If you’re within the same driving distance to several stores, find out where you can get the best prices on different products. You might find that fruit is cheaper at your grocery store but snacks are less expensive at major chains like Target or Wal-Mart.
  • Remember, it’s not always best to buy the cheapest product. If you can afford it, you’re usually better off buying based off how many servings or uses the product provides. Yes, this may mean buying in bulk wholesale.
  • Buy your fruit in season. While most fruit is available year around, it is often severely overpriced when it’s not in season.
  • Cook at least one of your meals every day. Convenience is an important virtue in our society, but statistics show that cooking your own meals is significantly cheaper than going out to restaurants or fast food. This also means buy your own ingredients for that lasagna rather than purchasing a frozen meal.
  • Don’t try to incorporate all these tips on your first trip to the grocery store! Depending on your habits, it’s probably best to gradually get into the habit of saving rather than changing your routine immediately.

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