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Extreme Saving Secrets

We all want to save money on things right? It is important that you really take your time and save money whenever possible. You will really be helping you and your family if you start to save like a pro. You can even teach your kids how to save. Sometimes in order to save money wisely you might need to resort to some extreme saving secrets. The following are some of those examples. Yes, they might seem a little weird, but remember, they are extreme. You can really save some good money if you want to go out there and be effective. Take your time and find some more examples of extreme savings in your life.

Travel Secrets

Do you like to travel a lot with your family? Well, those plane tickets could cost you a lot of money over time. Extreme savings tips number 1 is to open up a credit card account with the airline of your choice. Whenever you go to make a purchase you should then use that credit card in order to buy things. The more you use that credit card the more points you will be able to get. Some times it works out that you will get 1 point per dollar you spend. Many people have saved enough points for multiple tickets on the airline for the entire family. This is extreme though because you are using this credit card for everything and you need to manage it correctly.


How often do you find that the shirt you just bought for $40 has been cut back to $20? This is never a good feeling. Extreme saving tips #2 suggests that you search for this occurrence. If you ever find that the shirt you just bought has been knocked down in price by the same retailer, then let them know that you just bought it. Also, let them know that you want the difference back. This can save you a lot of money if you just pay attention. The reason it is extreme though is because you are going to need to pay attention a lot of be willing to return to the store and let them know about the pricing. It could save some good money though.

Buying Food

It is important that you buy enough food for your family. Extreme saving tip #3 states that you should go to the butcher to get your meat. If you go to the butcher then you are able to get meat that you want, and the price is often cheaper as well. You could save around $50 a month by going to the butcher. This is a lot of money to be saving, especially on something like meat, chicken, etc. You need to know where the butcher is though, and then have them cut up the meat just like you want it. This is something that really sounds extreme to many people, but it is also really effective, if you want to do it.

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