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A Life With No Debt or Credit

Does this sound impossible? Well, to some it truly may be. Although in reality this would be a perfect world for everyone’s financial situation. No credit, so you cannot get spend happy, thus leaving you in no debt. So how does this all come about and what can you do in a world of no credit? Well here are some things that you can do, and they really are not as difficult as you think.

What To Do, What To Do

  • Debit cards are great

The best part of about debit cards is the lack of interest rates on them. You only use the money you have, and you do not get charged any extra for doing so. This may sound bad, because if you do not have a lot of money you cannot make any moves. But this is good because you will not dig yourself into a large hole of debt. Overall, you are just allotted what you have. If you are not fond of large interest rates, then a debit card is right up your alley.

  • PayPal

Have you ever heard of this creation? It is a way to pay bills online that you may have. It does not even charge interest either. PayPal can use your bank account and take it out whenever you request it does so. This is a great alternative to credit and it acts much like a debit card, but it can be done online. It is fast, safe and secure. That is very important to make sure of. You do not have to worry about not having any credit source to make transactions online.

  • Cash!

Cash is a lot more useful then you may think. At one time, the only think people could buy things with was cash. Imagine that! But you can pay for cars, houses, hotel, airline tickets, anything with cash. The best part about this is no credit checks. People just assume if you are paying in cash that you have it handled, instead of checking your credit and finding ways to charge you more. So cash really is a great option and it does not have nearly as many worries as credit has.

You See, It Is Possible

A world without credit would not be something that any of us need to fear. In fact, it truly can save us a lot of troubles. There are means and other ways of spending our money, and those ways to not come with large fees or many negative aspects. So don’t worry if you do not have great credit. Let the money you do have work for you.

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