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Stop Shopping Name Brand – The Generic is Just As Good

Tough financial times, right? Laid off recently? Perhaps you’re worried that you might be next on the chopping block. If your hours have been reduced or your customers are slowly dwindling away, the first thing you should feel is a little reassured that you are not alone. Not in a “misery loves company” kind of way, but rather in a “the universe isn’t out to get you specifically” kind of way. Most Americans are feeling the pinch of the economy now in one way or the other.

With financial problems either looming or already hitting full-force, many Americans are looking for ways to cut corners, shave pennies, and in general, hold on to what money they have rather than watching it blissfully flow away as they did during the good years. One way to save money on a necessity of life is in the food that we buy. When thinking to cut back on expenses, if food is looked at most simply think they have to eat less, or buy fewer steaks for that family cookout. A better way to reduce the expense of food without cutting back on how much you eat is by watching the labels on your food.

Just Like Your Jeans

Ever wonder why or buy a pair of jeans that costs 2 or 3 times as much as another perfectly good pair right next to it? It’s the label of course. The same is true with shoes. One pair of Nikes may run you $200 or more, and next to it on the shelf is a different pair of perfectly sensible tennis shoes that will get you to the same places for only $50.00. The difference in price is mostly in the name. Believe it or not, the same is true with the groceries you buy.

No “Generic” Factories

When you stop to imagine where your food comes from, you probably think of some massive factory that is a marvel of modern automation which puts the ingredients together, cooks them, separates it into its sellable sizes, wraps them and slides them into a box all ready to go to the store for you to purchase. That isn’t far from the truth, but take your thought further. For the non-name brand food out there, do you think there’s a “Generic” factory doing the exact same thing that the name brands do?

Not quite

The newsflash is that most generic food products are produced in the exact same place and in the exact same method as the name brands…they just get a different “generic” label and that generic labeling is worth saving pennies, dimes or dollars on the cost of the item. The quality (and usually the taste) are identical to what you pay extra for with that pretty, fancy, color label on it that the company shelled out millions of dollars to put in your face in the form of advertising.

So save yourself some money the easy way – not by eating less, but by changing the brand of the products you already buy. This is true for your food, your clothes and especially your medicines. The next time you are looking at the expensive Advil or Tylenol products, check out the active ingredient listed on the back of the label. Then look at the generic product right next to it and see the active ingredient in that…same thing. so why pay more?

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