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10 Easy Money-Saving Tips

The rising prices of various goods and services continue to outstrip wage growth, which leaves consumers struggling to make the most of every hard-earned dollar. In challenging economic times, the money wasters that once seemed benign can make or break your budget. To help you avoid falling into financial difficulties, we’ve compiled a list of ten simple ways to save money.

  1. Buy generic. More often than not, the store brand is virtually identical to the name brand, except for the large disparity in price. With groceries especially, you can save hundreds of dollars over time by sticking with the generic brand.
  2. Get creative with entertainment. Rather than throwing away money on movies at the theater or even rentals, try borrowing movies from your local library. Most libraries have thousands of titles that you can check out for free.
  3. Don’t play the lottery. The lottery is little more than a tax on the poor and, arguably, the deluded. You will not win, and the cost of those tickets adds up. In Georgia, for example, the average person spends $300 per year on lottery tickets.
  4. Dine in. You’ve heard it a thousand times, but eating out every day for lunch is a costly endeavor. Assuming you spend $5 every weekday on lunch, that’s $1,200 per year you could save by brown-bagging it.
  5. Kick the habit. Everyone has vices, but some are more counterproductive to saving than others. If you drink, smoke, or consume caffeine excessively, you are not only damaging your health, but also wasting your money. Quit for your health and your finances.
  6. Turn out the lights. Do you have a habit of wandering from room to room while leaving the lights on wherever you go? Reduce your utility bills by turning off the lights when you’re not using the room.
  7. Ditch the processed foods. Prepackaged, processed foods, such as frozen dinners or cookies, are unhealthy and ridiculously expensive. Cook fresh and bake your own snacks rather than buying costly ready-made versions.
  8. Brew your own coffee. That trip to Starbuck’s every morning will cost you hundreds of dollars over the course of the month. Save yourself some time and money by brewing your own at home.
  9. Take on a roommate. Want to split your rent and utility costs in half? Think about taking on a roommate. You can save on expenses and also have some company.
  10. Simplify your insurance coverage. Rather than paying expensive premiums for low-deductible policies, try raising your deductibles. Higher deductibles mean lower premiums, which will allow you to save the difference for an emergency.
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