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Debt for Newlyweds

Getting married is something that you should cherish forever. It is such a great event that nothing should ever ruin. But after all the craziness of the celebration wears off, and you are together for a year or so, you will realize your financial situation. There is a good chance that you can enter into a marriage with a good amount of debt between the both of you. Here are some tips for you to help cut back on that debt.

The Money is Thin, the Debt is Large

  • Work opportunities
  • This may sound easy but you should go into your work and ask them for a raise. It you have been with the company for a while then you may have an advantage. Also, you may explain your newlywed situation and see if they can help you out at all. It is always worth a shot, and the worst thing they can say is “no”. So do not worry about it and go into and ask them. Just think how great it will be if they say yes. The extra money will be something that you can obviously put to good use. If not, then look into overtime. See if you can earn some extra money by working overtime.

  • Housing situation
  • What are you living arrangements? Do you actually need as much space as you have? If you are renting then you may consider moving into a space with a little less space (maybe a room less or so). Space is great, but it is not great if you cannot afford to have it. So assess the situation and see if you can move into a smaller place. The extra money you will save can go towards other uses. Plus, if you have less space then you have to worry about less electricity. So you actually save more money on two different aspects.

  • What do you eat?
  • If is always fun to go on dates with your spouse. But how often are you spending money on food outside of the home? Eating at home a few extra days really can save you money. Sure it may not be as much fun, but debt is not fun either! Managing small aspects like this can really have larger returns then you would think.

Keep a Watchful Eye

The main part is just be aware of what you are spending, and what you are spending it on. If you can make small cut backs then you should do it. You do not want to go through your entire marriage in large debt. The early years need to be unforgettable. Don’t you want those unforgettable years to be without as much debt as possible?

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